5 Best Streets to Enjoy a Walk in Paris

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Paris is a great city to enjoy walking. Its streets have a special aura that any of you will enjoy. Besides, there are so many places to explore here on foot, which you might not come across while riding in a vehicle. Below are the best streets to enjoy a nice stroll in the French capital city.

Rue De l’Abreuvoir

If you feel like escaping the Parisian crowd and bustle, the best place to go is Montmartre. The place has its own winding streets that get covered in a white blanket during the winter and wisteria in spring. It is certainly one of the most peaceful and beautiful streets you will find in Paris. Besides, you can trace the footsteps of legends such as Picasso, Degas, and Renoir here. Enjoy a drink at miniscule La Maison Rose and continue your walk.

Rue Des Barres

This is one of the most attractive streets, which you will find in Paris. It is adorned with 15th Century gargoyles of the Église Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais. There are plenty of places to hang out and have afternoon tea here. You can even climb up to the terrace of tearoom L’Ebouillante and grab some fresh salads to add to the experience. Another famous place here is the Café Louis Philipp; this was where Johnny Depp once enacted a scene for the movie ‘The Ninth Gate’.

Cour Du Commerce-Saint-André

The city’s first coffee house, Le Procope, is located in this alley. It was established in the 18th Century. You can sneak into the Le Procope if the gates are open and enjoy the beauty of the place all by yourself. This also sits next to the place where the infamous “guillotine” was born. Two of Paris’ best chocolate joints, Un Dimanche à Paris and La Jacobine are located in the area too.

Rue Montorgueil

This street will show you how the markets and local life of lesser-known Paris are. The best way to see the street is to begin walking from the southern end and start tasting the French delights one by one. You will pass by fromageries and fishmongers reminding you of the famous scenes of the typical street life in Paris that you must have seen somewhere on the screens.

Rue Crémieux

Yet another heart-warming street of Paris is Rue Crémieux. It is lined with potted plants, picture-perfect bicycles, and scaling ivy to treat you with the unseen kind of beauty in Paris. This place can be easily visited if you are on your way to Gare de Lyon after your private Louvre Museum tour.