3 Famous Passages in Paris

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Famous Passages In Paris

Many tourists who are going on their first Paris tours often get fed up and irritated with the crowded museums and other famous boulevards in the city of Paris. If you are a person who plans to stay away from the crowded and popular attractions of the city in your Paris tours, then you must head to any one of the secret covered passages in Paris.

The covered passages in the City of Lights are actually shortcuts from one street to another. These elegantly designed passages were constructed inside existing buildings back in the 19th century. The beautiful glass ceilings in each of these passages that permit the entry of sunrays allow you to enjoy their beautiful architectures. Some of the best passages to enjoy in your Paris tours are as follows.

Galerie Vivienne

Galerie Vivienne passage, which was inaugurated under the direction of François-Jacques Delannoy in 1826, is one of the prettiest passages in the city. The beautiful mosaic ground designed by Giandomenico Facchina adds more charm to the passage.

You can find a number of excellent clothing stores with luxury brands like Jean-Paul Gaultier in Galerie Vivienne. In addition to that, you can also find a wide variety of wine products at the Legrand Filles & Fils wine store.

Passage Des Panoramas

Passage Des Panoramas is one of the oldest covered passages in the city and it was opened to the public by the end of the 17th century. If you love to collect old postal cards and stamps, you should definitely visit Passage Des Panoramas during your Paris tours.

The Gyoza bar, one of the famous restaurants in the city is also located in the Passage Des Panoramas. The gyozas served at the restaurant are incredibly delicious and not too expensive. So, make sure to try it before you leave the city.

Passage Jouffroy

One of the fascinating facts about Passage Jouffroy is that it was built only with glass and metal, which made the passage really modern at that point. You can see the renowned Grévin museum right at the entrance of Passage Jouffroy.

Stop there for a couple of minutes and take a selfie with the wax statue one of your favorite singers. The beautiful “Pain d’Epices” toyshop in the passage selling tiny furniture, wooden toys, and old-fashioned dolls will be an absolute treat for your kids.