15 Interesting Facts about Disneyland Paris

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Disneyland Paris is one of the main attractions of Paris. It is the kingdom of fairy tales and magiclands. This entertainment resort was officially opened on 12 April 1992. Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, It’s a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean includes some of the highlights of Disneyland Paris. It has millions of visitors every year. Disneyland Paris is one of the amazing places that one should visit art least once.

There are so many interesting fun facts about Disneyland Paris you may not have known. Let’s see what they are.

Disneyland Paris is Not Just for Kids

As Disneyland Paris is a kingdom of magic and fairy tales, it is a favorite destination of kids. Not only kids, but also visitors of different age groups check out the place. The oldest person to visit the park was about 106 years old.

Mickey at the Disneyland Paris

At any time, a Mickey can be seen in the entire park. This will give children an idea that the characters still exists and are unique. This is one of the main attractions of the park.

Space Mountain Technology

The Space Mountain at the Disneyland Paris which goes upside down is the fastest of the five. It uses a technology similar to that used in air craft carriers to propel the car of Space Mountain to 46 mph in two seconds.

Euro Disney Resort to Disneyland Paris

Original name of Disneyland Paris was Euro Disney Resort. After two years, the word ‘Paris ‘was added to the name and it became Euro Disney Resort Paris. Later in October 1994, the name was again changed to Disneyland Paris, its present name.

Fairy Tale Castles

Castles at other Disney parks have a common architecture with a European touch. But castles at Disneyland Paris are like a fancy or fairy tale structure, rather than a historical building. They were made deliberately in this way to offer a magical and dreamy look.

Employees of Disneyland Paris

15,000 of employees from 100 different nationalities are working in Disneyland Paris. They use an internal bus service to travel through the park ground.

Hidden Mickeys of the Park

There are numerous hidden Mickeys all over the park. No one knows how many Mickeys are there. But if you notice well, you can spot them everywhere on the park such as on railings, doors, clocks, ventilation holes etc.

Why a Barber at the Park?

As a tribute to Walt Disney’s father who was a barber, you can see a real barber working on the main street of Disneyland Paris. The barbershop is fully decorated with furniture and accessories offered by a barber at Chicago who retired his work during the construction of Disneyland Paris.

Secret Underground Tunnels

Disneyland Paris has a secret network of underground tunnels through which Mickey and his companions move from one place to another. This is to let people think that they move with magical power.

Why Lilly’s Boutique?

The boutique on the main street of Disneyland Paris was named after Lillian, wife of Walt Disney. Hence the boutique was given the name Lilly’s Boutique. If you notice, you can see some pictures of Walt and Lillian at the boutique. Colorful candles, pretty picture frames, mugs and other creative items are available in this boutique.

Mickey’s Parade Floats

Mickey’s parade floats are one of the main attractions of Disneyworld Paris. Drivers of parade floats use cameras to monitor the surroundings. Some of the parade floats dispense scents while passing. A total number of 700,000 bulbs, used for the lighting of thirteen parade floats, are worth the view.

No More Whispers

The huge dome of Harrington shop on Main Street has some special acoustic effects. If two people whisper from both ends of the dome, they could clearly hear each other’s voice as if they were standing close to each other.

Main Street Illusion

To create illusion, Main Street of Disneyland Paris uses a forced perspective effect. Thus the castle appears to be very distant for a person who enters the park. This is caused by the facades of buildings in the Main Street. Similarly when you go in the opposite direction to leave the park, the exit seems to be closer than it actually is.

Green Park

Disneyland Paris has a wide range of 450 different plant species and 35,000 trees which is an integral part of the park. More than adding to the beauty of the place, these green spaces create a beautiful atmosphere and bring life to the stories.

Guests of Disneyland Paris

Visitors of Disneyland Paris are not called as customers or clients. They are referred as guests of Disneyland Paris. George W. Bush, François Mitterrand, Claudia Schiffer, Michael Jackson, the guest list of Disneyland Paris is unending.