Why Madrid is the Ultimate Destination for Football Fans

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The first thing that comes to the mind of a football fan when he/she hears the world ‘Madrid’ will be the beauty of European football. The city of Madrid is home to 4 stadiums, 4 football teams, and an amazing bunch of football lovers. If you are a person, who wish to experience the excitement and thrill of European football at its very best, then you should go on Madrid city tours.

As you would probably know, Real Madrid and their longtime rivals, Atlético Madrid, are two of the major clubs in the city. Apart from these two team, Madrid hosts the home matches of both Rayo Vallecano and Real Madrid Castilla, the reserve team of current UEFA champions, Real Madrid. The above statement evidently proves that there are plenty of football actions happening in the Spanish capital.

If you are a person who loves football, then make sure to schedule your Madrid city tours during the La Liga season. The executives from UEFA recently admitted the fact that the Spanish football league, La Liga has went on to become one of the best and popular football leagues in Europe. They also pointed out the fact that La Liga teams such as Real Madrid and Barcelona have been dominating the football world for over 5 years.

La Liga usually runs from the month of August to May, which means that it is best to visit Madrid during these months. The electrifying atmosphere and intense football matches that are hosted in the four different stadiums of Madrid will be an absolute treat for the ones who love football.

If you are only spending a single day or just a couple of days in the Spanish capital, then you should head straight to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium before ending your Madrid tour. If you are lucky, you will be able to see hometown heroes practicing or playing a match.

The Santiago Bernabeu stadium, which is home to prestigious Real Madrid football club, is capable of holding more than 85,000 spectators. If you are unable to watch any matches, then make sure to opt for a tour to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. During the tour, you will be able to get an insight into the fabulous history of Real Madrid.