Visiting Versailles during the Musical Fountain Season

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Versailles is one of the major attractions of the City of Lights, which is internationally renowned for its stunning gardens and beautiful palaces. If you are going on Paris tours for the first time in your life, then Versailles should be on top of the list of places that you want to see while you are in this city.

Many tourists constantly ask when is the best time to visit or see Versailles. The answer to this question is quite simple – Versailles looks the best during the musical fountain season. Fortunately, the Musical Fountain Shows are back this year and it will run from April 01 to October 29, 2017.

If you were planning to visit Versailles during the music fountain days, then be prepared because you can expect a bigger crowd here during this time. It would still be less crowded on Sundays and Saturdays though. In addition, visitors will also have to pay a small admission fee to watch the gardens and fountains of Chateau de Versailles during this particular season.

Unfortunately, dozens of fountains that are scattered throughout the gardens of Versailles will not be turned on 24×7 because of conservation concerns. Instead, they will be turned on only for a few days per week, especially during the warmer months. You will get to hear period-specific music while you are in the garden, which really brings the gardens to life.

The place throws in a number of fun activities to engage and entertain the visitors such as the fancy dress evening in the hall of mirrors and an annual masked costume ball in the gardens. You can also take part in these activities as long as you have a ticket.

The best time to see the fountains of Versailles is during the afternoon session. The morning session is from 11:00 am to noon, but it plays just six major fountains in Versailles along with a few minor ones. On the other hand, the afternoon session of 03:30 pm to 05:00 pm continuously plays all 32 functioning fountains of Versailles.

Most tourists prefer to explore the palace in the morning and they head outdoors for seeing the foundations right after enjoying lunch. If you are planning to beat the crowd, then go to the foundations in the morning and then head back straight to the palace after finishing lunch.