The Best Places to Enjoy Live Music in Paris

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Paris is a special city for all kinds of arts. The city’s music never stops and there are places where you can enjoy quality music live every day of the week. Below are some of the best live music destinations in Paris that you can visit after your private Louvre Museum tour.

La Bellevilloise

This place provides a truly captivating environment for a spectator to watch the artists perform on the stage. The settings include Chesterfield couches, wooden tables, and centenary olive trees. This is a place where people head to if they want to sip a cocktail while they enjoy music. Besides, you can also enjoy homemade meals while you party in style. The place is located in Ménilmontant and conjures a typical Parisian feel. Make sure you check the timings for the show before you visit.

Le Comptoir Général

The black door of this place is a symbolic gesture. It is a restaurant, bar, museum, and a gallery, which honors the African culture. It also advocates sustainable development projects. It is one of the most attractive getaway hangout spots in the city and is usually packed with people on the weekends.

The atmosphere of the place reminds you of Berlin or San Francisco. Located underground, the main door leads to a long corridor, which heads off to two huge rooms where you can sit sipping a drink and enjoying the music. There are recycled sofas and rock music to keep the ambiance alive.

Le Batofar

Le Batofar is a familiar name in the Parisian nightlife, as it is a floating place on the Seine River. Make sure you visit this place for a wonderful nighttime experience. The place holds a nightclub, bar, concert hall, and a restaurant. They usually play electronic music but they also mix rock, underground, hip-hop, and alternative music. There are attractive options to engage with the crowds or take a seat in the corner.

Experience the concert on water as the boat dances to the rhythm of the music. It can hold a maximum of 300 people. The ambiance is very friendly and you can even choose your position among the crowd. Note that the boat remains docked and it is nothing like the typical boat tours.

Cave Du 38 Riv

Visit this place if you want to enjoy a Parisian jazz night at the shores of “La Seine”. You can also mingle with the locals as you dance the night away. The comfortable place offers music that keeps playing from 08:30 pm until 01:00 am. Visit the place for its magical ambiance and a sweet escape from the tourist crowd in the city. The place also holds performances of some amazing artists, focusing mainly on jazz music.

Point Éphémère

Point Ephémère is a very energetic place situated in the 10th district. It hosts several programs such as workshops, exhibitions, and conferences. Besides, it is also a concert hall, a restaurant, a bar, and a rehearsal studio. There are wide varieties of programs organized that you may have to visit the place several times to fully experience the place.

The place stands for passion, creativity, and originality. The atmosphere is very interesting with friendly people and attractive music. Furthermore, it is easily accessible as it is situated close to the Canal Saint-Martin.


Oberkampf quartier is a favorite among the music lovers, and this is one of the best places, that you must check out after your private Louvre Museum tour. It is especially good for underground and rock ‘n’ roll music fanatics. The place is free of cost and also has a happy hour which offers a very reasonable price.

The place offers an elegant blend between a bar and a concert hall. They play music in all genres, including hip-hop, electro, folk, and rock. The ambiance reminds you of a garage band when there is a concert happening in the basement.

Caveau De La Huchette

Caveau de la Huchette is one of the oldest and most famous jazz clubs in the French capital city. The ground floor has a very comfy bar with cozy seating arrangement and there is a dance floor in the basement. Several famous names in jazz music have performed here since the 1940’s. The entrance fee is different for different dates in the bar.

If you fancy Jazz music, make sure you spend a night here. Besides, bear in mind that this was a 16th-century wine cellar. Nowadays, people of all ages visit here to show their dancing skills and to have a good time.

Divan Du Monde

This used to be a 19th-century ballroom, which was then converted to a café-theatre. Nowadays, it functions as a club venue and concert. The crowd is right next to the concert stage and there is an adjoining bar. The balcony offers a nice view of the place.