Studying Arts inside the Louvre Museum

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Louvre Tours

Louvre Museum Paintings

When you visit the Louvre museum, you come back with a rich knowledge in history, architecture, and even European arts. No wonder tourists and residents sneak through the entrance gate from 09:00 in the morning until 06:00 in the evening every day.

Louvre Museum Curate Surprise Visits

Metro Palais-Royal Musée du Louvre gets you into the Louvre. This is a tourist destination, which visitors bump into any time during the day and even at late nights. The curators somehow manage a busy schedule and the crowds that line up in front of the museum for tickets. The guidebook provided by your Louvre tours guide would teach portions of history, which you can use to surprise everyone.

Visiting the Louvre and French Eateries Subsequently

One of the pleasures of a Paris tour is the number of eateries available nearby the Louvre museum. During Wednesdays and Fridays, the museum is open until 09.45 pm in the evening. That is when museums tend to go quieter, and tourists get spellbound by the beauty of monumental paintings. The evenings can also be the perfect date for couples who want to visit a Parisian eatery.

Learning Historic Stories of Gods and Goddesses

A stat says millions visit the museum on Louvre tours year on year. It would take approximately 2.5 hours for an average person to study the themes of paintings and other sculptures in the Louvre. There are antique pieces too dating back to the historic days of the Greeks, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and ancient Rome.

The Connection between Louvre and European Arts

The world’s most populated museum has more than 35,000 objects on display, including hundreds of classic paintings and sculptures. Some of the painters to have adorned the Louvre galleries include Watteau, the fourteenth-century works of Bosch, Vermeer, and Van Eyck. Objects of studies also include the European renaissance and social commentary on the European society.

It is being said the socio-political impact among Paris tours is a thing of Italian renaissance in arts. Hundreds of tourists cue up in front of the Louvre every single day, whereas Parisians skip the line to get through busy crowds. Besides, no one would want to miss the portraits of Pablo Picasso that the Louvre museum houses.