Picturesque Places in Paris That you Should Definitely Visit

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Paris Tourist Attractions

When it comes to Paris, most of you may be familiar with its awesome Eiffel Tower or Musée du Louvre tour. No wonder, this beautiful city stimulated Hemingway and Balzac in creating spectacular impressionist paintings and writing down romantic songs. Taking a walk through the cobbled paths of Saint-Germain and watching the lit up Notre-Dame across the Seine River is really something that you could not describe by words. This is not all about this incredible City of Lights though; there are even more interesting and lovely places in this charming metropolis.

Musée Rodin

It is really interesting to see that most people on Paris tours have never explored this wonderful place. This is actually a magnificent light-filled estate with a museum that exclusively houses Auguste Rodin’s works. You would be able to find a wonderful sculpture garden here, which features a collection of the most famous works of Rodin like The Gates of Hell and The Thinker. The whole experience through this place would really be thrilling and very intimating.

Place de la Concorde

Place de la Concorde was actually used as a place for execution at the time of the French Revolution. However, regardless of its terrifying history, this place is among the most glorious places in the city at the present. A large number of tourists visit this spot each year. You would be able to see iconic landmarks such as the mermaid-filled fountain and Luxor Obelisk here, which actually enhance the total beauty of this place.

Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III is actually a beautiful ornamented bridge in the city that goes across the Seine River. This bridge is constructed in the magnificent Beaux-Arts architectural style. The bridge keeps the Champs-Élysées quarter and the area of Eiffel Tower connected, and is a really beautiful place to click some good pictures. The place also gives you a magnificent view of the Seine River.

Jardin du Luxembourg

This place is among the greenest places in the city, which looks even more lush at the time of spring. This is really a good option in the city to wander about or to relax. The place would really offer you a royal and grand vibe. This beautiful garden lies in about 23 hectares of area. The attractions at this place include its tree-lined promenades, lawns, flowerbeds, picturesque Medici Fountain, and model of sailboats in the circular basin.