Must-Visit Art Galleries in Paris

Paris Tour Guide

Paris Tour Guide

Paris is a paradise for those who love art, as it boasts a huge number of museums, monuments and public art galleries that are home to many wonderful creations that left their own marks in the world of art. Hence, visiting these art galleries is an important part of every Paris tour. Some of the important tours in Paris include the Louvre tours, Musee d’Orsay tours, etc. There are also many other wonderful art galleries in London that will make you feel intrigued. Hence, we are listing some of such galleries that you should definitely include in your Paris tour guide.

Bugada & Cargnel

This gallery, which was formerly known as Cosmic Galerie, is situated in the Belleville region of Paris. This hub has become a hotspot for flourishing artistic life. It features magnificent showrooms that provide a dramatic environment for discovery. The gallery occupies almost 500 square meters inside a former industrial garage that dates back to the 1930s.

It features many works including the creations of some of the emerging artists along with the works created by a few of the well-known presence in the world of art. Some of the famous artists whose works that are exhibited here include Mat Collishaw, Cyprien Gaillard, etc.

Yvon Lambert

Yvon Lambert, a veteran of contemporary art in Paris has nurtured the vision of this gallery to showcase the creations of some pioneering artists based on Conceptualism, Minimalism and land art. This gallery which opened in 1966 aimed to present artistic projects that are innovative, ambitious and intense. The pivotal aim of this gallery reflects in the shows and programs it holds. The library in this place has a wonderful collection of art publications. You can get a book from this library as a souvenir for your visit to the Yvon Lambert art gallery.

Laurent Godin

Situated close to Centre Pompidou, this is a gallery that hosts some wonderful shows. It is located on Rue de Grenier Saint-Lazare. It showcases three rooms which are used for holding exhibitions. Even though the space may seem too compact, you will be surprised to experience the fluidity between these rooms when it hosts some shows or exhibitions.

You can see many knowledgeable staff here, who will give you narrations about each work. This gallery mostly accommodates two-dimensional art forms, however, it also holds certain works of some famous sculptors. Hence, this becomes a great destination to include in your Paris tour guide, as it will never disappoint art lovers.

Galerie Xippas

Situated in the spectacular Marais area of Paris, this place is a kind of artistic powerhouse. It is an international platform that houses brilliant artworks. This is a wonderful place that holds galleries and showrooms from different countries like Switzerland, Greece, Uruguay, and also France. Founded in the year 1990 by Rinos Xippas, this gallery is known as one of the biggest of its kind. It is dedicated to exhibiting the works of many new as well as established contemporary artists. The interior of this gallery will leave you entranced by its mesmerizing beauty. It boasts custom-made features including a transparent staircase and also a ghost wall which is designed by Barthelemy and Grino.

Modus Art Gallery

Located in the oldest planned square of the city, which is known as Place de Vosges, this gallery stands as a reference point for modern and contemporary art. It is situated in the Marais district of Paris and is very famous for the unique and singular collections it holds. There is a wide range of artworks that are showcased here which varies in style, talent and media. It will help you to enjoy different dimensions of art through its varied range of collections.

La Maréchalerie

This is an ideal location for those who want to escape from the busy life of central Paris. It is easily accessible by bus and mainline train services. It can be described as a tourist attraction and also a religious icon. This building was originally a passageway that had its two ends overlooking a town and a castle. The gallery gives the main focus for works that are inspired by ways of reconfiguring or diverting circumstantial urban constraints.

Fondation Cartier

If you want to relax and move away from the hassles of the city, this is a perfect location to head to. This gallery is situated in the 14th arondissement in Paris. It is situated inside a glass building that is designed by the architect Jean Nouvel. Located far away from the city, this place creates a wonderful location to spend a warm evening. The woodland garden that surrounds this venue is an added delight you will get when you visit here.

It is home to a wide range of artworks including some classical works and also many innovations including the very famous “Nomadic Nights”, which is based on the performing arts. This gallery offers a perfect disclosure between a variety of creative genres and themes.