How Tourists Manage Time When on Louvre Tours in Groups

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The Louvre museum is a popular tourist destination in Paris. Year on year, plenty of tourists and Parisians visit the Louvre in groups to explore artifacts from the Middle East and the Europe alongside canvases from Leonardo Da Vinci and Vermeer. When in Louvre, tourists and Parisians need to manage time to explore all the collections in the Louvre galleries with a Paris tour guide. See the below ones to make the most of your Louvre tours in Paris.

Canvases on the Denon Wing

The Denon Wing contains some of the best collections from France, among which “The Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon and the Coronation of Empress Joséphine” by Jacques-Louis David is massive. Also on the first floor of the Louvre exists Delacroix’s “Liberty Leading the People”, a representative of the 1830 revolt against King Charles X.

Canvases on the Sully Wing

The enchanting “Victory of Samothrace” can be seen around the Daru Staircase alongside “Venus de Milo” – two goddesses in the ground floor of the Louvre museum in Paris. The “Venus de Milo” was recovered way back in the Greek Island of Melos and came to the Louvre in 1821. The goddess’s arms were not revered. However, scholars assume the Aphrodite as the “Goddess of Love” going by her posture.

Canvas on the Richelieu Wing

When those on Louvre tours in groups reach the Richelieu Wing on the second floor, they spot the works belonging to the Dutch Golden Period including both Rembrandt’s as well as Vermeer’s. “The Astronomer” and “The Lacemaker” by Vermeer exist on the Richelieu Wing, alongside four self-portraits from Rembrandt. In fact, it is said that the Dutch Golden Period belongs to them. The works of their counterparts include Peter Paul Rubens’s works alongside Frans Hals’s.

All Happening on the Egyptian Wing

The Egyptian Wing tends to quieter in the Louvre Museum and most visitors gather there to see “The Wedding Feast at Cana” dating back to the year 1563. The Egyptian Wing has of late come abuzz with children too. You could spot toddlers there on Louvre tours in groups gathered on the Egyptian Wing enjoying the artifacts.

The Louvre museum in Paris was once a royal palace and hence the French monarchs handpicked many of the collections here. Get in touch with your Paris tour guide to learn more about the museum and its history.