De Valette Dagger is Returning to Louvre Museum

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The de Valette dagger will soon feature in private Louvre museum tour following a five-month gap. The de Valette dagger has been displayed in the Malta Archaeology Museum in Valletta since last March. In fact, the de Valette dagger was supposed to reach Louvre this July, but the dagger stayed back in Valetta to celebrate a Maltese festival.

The Malta Archaeology Museum will be opened on September 8, said Owen Bonnici, who is the Minister for Justice and Culture in Malta. He also added that Maltese islanders would have one last chance to see the de Valette dagger in the museum before it returns to the Louvre.

“This dagger attracted almost double the number of average visitors,” Bonnici recently said in a press release. The presence of de Valette dagger was a success trial and courtesy of Louvre museum’s contribution, around 40,000 people visited the Malta Archaeology Museum in Valletta compared to 28,000 visitors in the same period last year.

Bonnici also reinstated that group tours have been on the rise in the Malta Archaeology Museum in Valletta during the same period. The Louvre museum in Paris handed the de Valette dagger to the Malta Archaeology Museum in Valletta ‘on loan’ in March. It is to be noted that the Louvre became the custodian of de Valette Dagger following Napolean’s passing away.

Those on Paris tours can rejoice now, as the de Valette dagger is returning to the Louvre museum in Paris. The date is unclear, yet expectantly the de Valette dagger will head back from Valletta and figure in the Louvre museum by this month’s end.

Obviously, the de Valette dagger carries with it an account of history, which revolves around its creator Jean Parisot de Valette, and the French general Napoleon Bonaparte. When the French took over the Maltese islands, Napoleon took military artifacts with an intention of setting up a museum. However, he decided to keep the de Valette dagger in safe custody, even when he was in exile. Tourists on a private Louvre museum tour this September can learn more about the history of the de Valette dagger with the help of a Paris tour guide.