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Paris is a big city with twenty arrondissements, and because of that, a lot of first-timers find it challenging getting around in the French capital. Thankfully, the public transportation system here is really great, and travel around the city can be simplified by following a few rules. However, it would be ideal to gather some basic information about the design of the city before starting your journey. As mentioned above, there are twenty districts in Paris, and the division begins all the way from the city’s center. Furthermore, one of the most important highlights of the capital city of France is the Seine River that divides the city into the Left and Right banks.

The right bank refers to the north side of the Seine River, and is the most important area in Paris. In fact, 14 districts of the city lie here. The left bank or the south side of the Seine River hosts a smaller portion of the city, which offers a number of unique things for visitors to see and do. There are numerous ways to get around Paris, walking being one of the most preferred among people trying to unveil the true Parisian lifestyle. That said, it is not humanly possible to travel around the entire city on foot, and still enjoy your tour. That is why you need to be aware of transportation option.

Some of the options that you may consider in this case include cabs, city buses, metro trains, bicycles, tour buses, riverboats, etc. The most affordable ways to navigate Paris city are by means of tour buses or riverboats. You can easily figure out the best tour buses by browsing online – choose an option that covers almost every major landmark in the city, and you are set to go. You could even look for a tour bus or boat that offers a go-round of Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower tour, Sacre Coeur tour, or Louvre Tours, etc., at affordable prices.

If you can be bother to seek and acquire public transportation passes while on vacation, city buses and metro trains would then be a great option. Metro trains are, in fact, the most reliable and fastest option for travel in most European cities. Just be sure to read up beforehand on the proper etiquette to follow when riding a Parisian metro. Additionally, get an online or physical metro map, so that you can easily spot your destination. In case you are looking for a private option, cabs are available, but the high fares can be hard to stomach. For an alternative, you can rent bicycles for your group to get around on.