A Few Places to Avoid in Paris

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Paris is a large city with numerous crowded areas spread out across different sections. People from all over the world visit the place and there are different types of people living here. This means that you cannot blindly trust everything you see. In fact, there are certain things and places to avoid on your Paris tours to ensure that your journey to the French capital stays enjoyable. Below are certain things/places you need to avoid after your Louvre tours.

The Roundabout at the Arc De Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe has a major roundabout for traffic. This is one of the places to avoid if you are driving in Paris. In total, 12 avenues converge in the roundabout and the crowd is as real as it gets. There are no marked lanes either, and there is complete freedom for all drivers. It is sometimes said that if you can drive through here and come out the other side without any scratches, then you can literally drive anywhere in any condition.

The Eiffel Tower on a Saturday Afternoon in Summer

The Eiffel Tower is the tourist attraction that receives the most number of visitors in the world every year. It is visited by around 7 million people annually. On a Saturday afternoon, particularly in the summer, the place tends to get extremely crowded with tourists and travelers. Therefore, this is a time, which you have to avoid by any means unless you have hours to waste. Try to go early in the morning on any day to avoid long queues.

The Gare Du Nord Train Station at Night

The Gare du Nord station is a terrifying place for all reasons. There are expensive and crowded bars, drug dealers hanging around, and the smell of urine floating in the air. All this happens in the dark. Therefore, unless you have a special liking and are fully equipped to visit the darkest corner of the city, you should avoid this place altogether.

The Metro on a Summer Day

The Paris Metro is a world-famous commuting system, but it definitely is not a comfy place to go especially on a summer day. Most of the Paris Metro has no air conditioning. You will have to face the heat and also the crushing crowd while you move around on one of the trains. So try to tour the city on foot instead, or by other means during the summer.