Top Three Ways to Enjoy Paris Tours on Foot

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Famous Tourist Destinations

Experience the Paris tours on foot like never before with Paris tour guide guiding you around the city. Paris city has famous tourist hubs namely Eiffel Tower, Disneyland, The Louvre, among other famous places. If you go slow and enjoy the City of Lights, you could do more with what your money can spend, the eyes could possibly see.

Where else except in front of the Louvre museum could one get to see other people with hoards of cash waiting. Where else except in Paris do romantic couples go on a lovely date enjoying the sunset from the River Seine. Well, try the below to-do things in Paris city with utmost hospitality and comfort walking.

Walk the Unexplored Paths in Paris

In the catacombs of Paris, everything including the tunnels may seem scary as hell. In most of the metropolis, people feel as if they are lost in translation, but actually, they are walking through hidden passages in Paris. The statue Metro in Paris won’t bore down the life out of you either, being one of the great pleasures of experiencing Paris tours on foot.

Explore Wall Graffiti in Eleventh District

See the magic unravel in front of you on Rue Dénoyez Street in the Belleville district of Paris city. In the Rue Oberkampf of the eleventh district, one could get to see more street art in contemporary style. In fact, new artists showcase their respective creativity every two weeks on here. Astonishing works are displayed on the wall, and at times, with a live audience present. Some say that once you visit the urban arts, you may not be able to take your eyes off the walls in Rue Oberkampf.

Signoff the Tour by Eating Gourmet Food

Food trucks on the run serve hygienic as well as homemade lunch, be it vegetarian buffets or multi cuisine options. Speak of the Parisian food; one could travel throughout Paris and find a hidden eatery everywhere with gourmet food. To all of you gastronomes visiting Paris, if you have learned tidbits of French correspondence before embarking on foot, then consider the food served hot in Parisian eateries.