London Mail Rail to be Reopened as a Tourist Attraction

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Reopening London Mail Rail

The latest tourist attraction in the city of London is ideal for underground explorers. If you are planning to go on a London walking tour this year, make sure to schedule a visit to the renovated Postal Museum. This is because the subterranean train network of London, Mail Rail, which carried millions of letters every day all around the city, will now offer a journey through the dark tunnels on a small train to tourists.

The visit to the Mail Rail will contain a 20-minute tour in a compact, glass-roofed train, which passes through the grime-encrusted tunnels. In addition to that, there will be informative audio narrations and film screenings on several stops. This means that tourists who wish to skip the close quarters on the trains will be able to watch a film of the journey in the platforms.

London’s Mail Rail is located right across the recently renovated Postal Museum and you can enter both of these historic landmarks for just 16 pounds. The deputy director of the museum, Tim Ellison, said, “We quite like the challenge of the name Postal Museum. We want to change people’s perceptions. This is far more than post. It tells a story about human communication.”

The Mail Rail served as the subterranean circulatory system of the postal system of Britain for about 75 years. The trains transported telegrams, packages, and letters from one rail station to another. However, the authorities were forced to close the Mail Rail in 2003.

The postal chiefs had even planned to use the tunnels to grow mushrooms or for parcel deliveries earlier, but they eventually preserved one of the sections as a companion to the Postal Museum. The Mail Rail will be reopened as a tourist attraction to the public on September 4, 2017.

The renovated Postal Museum will be opened to the public by the first week of this month. Officials from the museum added that a visit to the museum will take tourists on an interactive and bright journey of the history of London and it will also them the interesting story of the Royal Mail of Britain.