Exploring the Cultural Secrets in London Old City Tour

London Old City Tour

Exploring London Cultural Secrets

If you wish to avoid the group of camera clickers in your London old city tour, you need to explore the unexplored spots and the best-kept secrets of the city. Below is a list of some secret cultural spots in the city of London, which can be interesting to the tourists who would like to explore the cultural secrets of the place.

St Mary’s Secret Garden

This is a small garden, which lies in a Hackney location and features a sensory garden, natural woodland, vegetable beds with winter lettuces, kale, and Brussels sprouts. Local residents can visit the place any time, but visitors are allowed entry to the place free from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm on weekdays. The team at the St Mary’s garden offers therapeutic and educational sessions and are also planning to start a course on gardening.

The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art

You can find the Estorick Collection in a Grade II listed Georgina building in Islington. The place is filled with Italian art that dates from 1890 to the 1950s and hosts permanent exhibition that focus on futurism, which is an Italian movement that is based on the admiration for technology, modernity, and speed. Other highlights of the exhibition include a collection of sculptures and drawings by Modigliani.

Secret Cinema

If you are fed up with the local multiplexes, you can sign up for the Secret Cinema during your London old city tour. Every month, the film show takes place at an unusual destination, with special guests and live installations that are intriguing. Recently screened movies include the classic 60’s film, If and the 2007 movie Paranoid Park. If was screened at Dulwich College and Paranoid Park was screened in a disused railway tunnel. The catch here is that you will not have a clue about the film to be screened until you reach the place.

Hunterian Museum

Hunterian museum is a museum of free collection housed inside the Royal College of Surgeons of England. The museum has a collection of numerous medical instruments and specimens ranging from the curious to the gruesome ones. After the recent renovation, visitors are allowed to see everything from the dentures of Churchill to 17th Century anatomical tables. You will also see more preserved internal organs than you have ever wanted to see in your life.