Quietest Spots to Visit When you Tour British Museum

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Quietest Spots In British Museum

Our fascination with the past has made museums the notable places in any region. Due to this, people flock around to museums to peep into the remaining artifacts dating from the past, in order to form a picture of what life would be like in those bygone periods. The British Museum is one such place where the past exerts its strongest influence. It has an assortment of collections sourced from all over the world that provide details regarding some of the world’s oldest civilizations and humanity’s other treasured artifacts.

However, viewing these artifacts is not the only way to get around this spectacular museum. There are other places in the British Museum that offers a similar but unique experience. These quiet areas offering you a chance to relax and explore the collections displayed when you tour British Museum. These quite spots are the perfect places especially if you need a break the swarming crowds gathered inside the museum. Below are some of the quietest spots that you can visit during your British Museum guided tour.

The Enlightenment Galleries

The Enlightenment Galleries are one of the most notable areas inside the British Museum, located in Rooms 1 and 2. These galleries are long and floored with oak and mahogany reminiscent of an ancient library. With its glass-fronted bookcases and balconies, these galleries offer a truly unique experience inside the museum. The galleries hold over 60,000 books that are from the collection of King George III. The cabinets of curiosities display numerous objects that date back from the oldest periods of humankind to plant specimens from the 18th century.

Staircases and Artworks

The staircases located at each end part of the museum are some spectacular things to view inside the museum. Besides decorating the walls, adjoining these staircases are artworks that are unlike any other that is featured in the main galleries inside the museum. The Amitabha Buddha sculpture made of white marble from Chine is a notable attraction located near the North stairs. The stairs on the west side feature mosaic panels that contain elaborate artworks and other illustrations dating from the 4th and 5th centuries.

The Print Galleries

Located in Room 90, the Print Galleries is another quiet yet incredibly informative region located in the British Museum. The Print Galleries feature a huge archive of about two million prints that date back from the 15th century. While visiting the galleries, you can observe these prints more elaborately in the study room located nearby.