3 Fascinating Facts about King’s Day

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The people of Amsterdam and Netherlands celebrate the birthday of King Willem-Alexander on April 27 every year. More than 15 million people from all around the world gather around the Dutch capital to celebrate the national event. The entire city will be painted in orange and the attendees will also be dressed in orange colored clothes during the event.

Tourists who wish to explore the city of Amsterdam and the ones who love to know more about Dutch culture should tour Amsterdam in April should try to attend the event. Below are a few fascinating facts about Amsterdam’s King’s Day event will help you to learn more about this colorful Amsterdamian festivity.

The Biggest Birthday Party

Several tourists and natives consider the King’s Day as the biggest birthday party in the world. Everyone who lives in the Netherlands gets a day off to celebrate the birth of King Willem-Alexander on the King’s Day. However, several people are not aware of the fact that if the birthday of the King happens to be on a Sunday, then the celebrations will take a place a day earlier, that is, on Saturday.

It Was Once Known as Queen’s Day

You might be a little bit surprised to hear the fact that the King’s day used to be known as Queen’s Day until a few years ago. Before the accession of King Willem-Alexander, this Dutch event was celebrated on 30 April to honor Queen Beatrix. The interesting thing is that 30 April was not the Queen’s birthday; instead, it was her mother’s. She celebrated Queen’s Day on 30 April to honor her mother.

Everyone Wears Orange on King’s Day

The entire crowd who are in Amsterdam will be dressed in orange colored cloths to honor the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau. It might come as a shock to when you hear the fact that an average person spends approximately spends €26 on orange souvenirs or outfits for the King’s Day.

So, if you are planning to attend the King’s Day celebrations, it is best to wear orange clothes. You can spot a number of natives with orange paint and orange wigs dancing and strolling through the streets of Amsterdam. So, join them and enjoy this Dutch festive event just like a local.