About Us

Any great trip these days requires good planning to pull off, especially in a city like Paris. The City of Lights is sufficiently steeped in art, culture, and gastronomy to rival any other global city in those areas, and for this reason, many tourists show up here to get a taste of the French life and all the various things it entails. This is what most of them hope to get, and many leave with a decent feeling of fulfillment. But for the best experiences, you need to do far more than just take whatever comes your way.

We offer you insights into how a Paris trip can be turned into a thing straight out of a movie. While the realities of tourist crowds, language barrier, etc can make things hard, there are ways to ensure your time in Paris will bear the best fruit in terms of satisfaction and value. For instance, we can tell you when the Louvre is least crowded, which entrance to use to avoid the biggest crowds, and which passes can get you past queues and into the establishment. Knowing things like these lets you plan your activities much more smartly, and get the best results so you can brag about them later.

If you thought getting help from the city’s Tourist office was a good idea, you need to remember that this is what thousands of people do each day. Everyone wants a piece of the main attractions, which is why these are harder to visit unless you find the right time for it. As for the rest, there are neighborhoods in Paris which even the locals would not tell you about, but are nonetheless worth spending time in. We can give you a list of such places, along with the best time of day to visit each. We also have tips on how to handle commute, to ensure the least inconvenience while getting to and from landmarks and other interesting places. No one wants to miss out on anything, but everyone misses something. We simply help you stay focused on what you will feel better about going after.

Our long list of satisfied clients is s a testament to how much use we can be to a tourist who can use assistance with planning their Paris trip, where they are traveling solo or as a group.