Why the 7th Arrondissement is a Place to Love

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The 7th arrondissement of Paris is famous among people who have stayed in the vicinity while on Paris tours, as well as for those who have not. This neighborhood is in the center of the Left Bank, and has several shops, monuments, and markets. Following are some of the reasons why tourists who visit this place love it.

Rue Cler Marketplace

Back in the day, only locals knew about this wonderful marketplace. It is lined with gourmet food shops and the like. Rue Cler has a certain charm to it, with its cobbled streets and shopfronts.

The Davoli in Rue Cler serves choucroute, a famous dish from Alsace. Tourists often take it in packages to bring back home when they return. Then you have the Fontaine de Mars where the food is good enough to enjoy with almost any company, or alone. The location is amazing, the pricing is modest, and the service is unparalleled. Even Barack Obama ate here once when he was still President.

There is Something for Every Season

In the summer, the place is perfect for long walks along the River Seine. In autumn, you can grab a place to sit somewhere and enjoy the beautiful sight of leaves falling along the Invalides. There will even be fog to add an air of mystery to the whole thing. In the winter, you get to enjoy walking in the snow, and then have a boeuf Bourguignon for lunch, then head back home to spend a warm evening in the apartment or hotel room.

The sights you can enjoy while walking obviously include the Eiffel Tower and its attendant gardens under the snow. If you cross the river and head to the Triangle d’Or located in the 8th arrondissement, you can hit the Four Seasons restaurant for lunch. Marie Anne Cantin has some excellent cheeses for you to buy, and the Jeusselin delicatessen has flavorful delicacies waiting to be savored.

New Discoveries Waiting to Be Made

One of the most special things about the 7th arrondissement is that many pastry makers, bakers, and chefs have their stores on its streets. There is the Pertinance, for instance, which recently won a Michelin star during its first year in business. It is located on rue de l’Exposition, which has many other affordable restaurants.

There is a lot to be taken in no matter which direction you are headed in. The Marche Vanves and the Paris Pucesand are two of the biggest flea markets you will find in the region.