Why Parisian Bistros are Worth your Time

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If you are familiar with French traditions or if you have gone on Paris tours at least once in your life, you will be aware that drinking rare varieties of wine and eating a delicious French cuisine is like a ritual to Parisians.

The City of Lights has an abundant number of restaurants, where you can do the above-mentioned activities with your friends and family members. However, several tourists with minimum knowledge about Paris city often ask what a Parisian bistro is and they wonder how it is different from the bars, cafes, and brasseries in the city.

A bistro is a typical restaurant and it is something you do not want to miss while you are exploring the French capital during your vacation. Below are a few facts that will help you to learn more about Parisian bistros.

The Bistros of Paris

Parisian bistros are actually small types of restaurants where locals usually go to enjoy a few glasses of wine with their friends at the end of the day after work. If you ask the locals or your private Louvre museum tour guide why these small restaurants go by the name bistros, then they will tell you a funny story.

It goes like this:

The Russians soldiers who occupied France back in the early 18th Century were not allowed to drink alcoholic drinks while they were on duty. So, these soldiers would sneak past their sergeant and visit the local bars in Paris to have a few drinks. It is believed that these soldiers used to shout the word ‘Bistro’, which means quickly in Russian to the bartenders to get served before their sergeant arrived. Hence, these restaurants eventually got the name bistro. However, this is rumored to be just an urban legend.

Tourists and locals usually go to the bistros in the City of Lights for alcoholic drinks, particularly wine. The wine served in these small restaurants is not the best varieties of wine but it is still pretty good and relatively cheaper when compared to the wine served in the luxurious restaurants in Paris.

It might come as a surprise to you when you hear that most of the Parisian bistros also serve traditional French cuisine alongside the drinks. Though the menu will be smaller, the prices will be fair. So, make sure to schedule a visit to a Parisian bistro before ending your tour.