Top 4 Indoor Tourist Attractions to Visit in Paris on a Rainy Day

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May is said to be a wet month in Paris, where the forecast for rain is highly likely. The City of Lights has its fair share of rainfall predicted in May than other seasons. That is when you may want to find an indoor tourist destination – to escape the downpour and keep Paris tours unlikely to be affected by outside weather. Not to mention things such as watching an opera at the Palais Garnier or a movie at a cinema hall are also worthwhile indoor trips.

The Catacombs of Paris

The Catacombs is an underground passage, which houses millions of ossuaries tracing from ancient Paris. The population of the French Capital was booming during the Industrial Revolution, so old mines were transformed into an ossuary to house mortal remains transported from cemeteries. Obviously, most of these corps has turned into bones.

A chilling fact is that the Catacombs’ ossuaries exceed even the present population of Paris. The passageway stretching a few miles for public makes the experience of visiting the underground cemetery of sorts into a mysterious one.

The Sewers of Paris

Much like the Catacombs, only a section of the Paris Sewers is open to visitors and there is a lot going on beneath the city. The Musée des Égouts has its own unique sights that chronicle the history of sewers from the ancient times to the present day.

It is Paris underground, or as the French writer of Les Misérables famously wrote once, “Another Paris under herself”. It is no wonder, Victor Hugo had described sewers as that – it mirrors the boulevards of the capital city, replete with street signs. Still, one could hardly get a trace of rain inside.

The Indoor Gardens

If the weather is extreme, the Parisian greenhouses offer visitors an opportunity for sightseeing and find a haven for the time being. What better way to get shelter than to go to a hothouse in the City of Lights, and come across varieties of plants. The popular greenhouses include Grandes Serres at Jardin des Plantes garden, and Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil.

l’Aquarium de Paris

This aquarium adjacent to the Eiffel Tower is worth visiting, especially if you adore marine creatures. Its separate tanks house thousands of fishes and invertebrates, dozens of sharks, and other sights that remind you of the animals with whom humans share the planet earth.