Top 3 Attractions Nearby Grands Boulevards Area in Paris

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Grands Boulevards area situated to the Right Bank of Paris or the north side of the River Seine is replete with buzzing bars, entertainment hubs, and museums with a rich history. It spans from La Madeleine church in the 9th arrondissement of Paris to the Bastille square in the 11th arrondissement, and covers 8 Parisian boulevards on the way from Madeleine to Saint-Martin. Make it a point to visit the below tourist attractions when on Paris tours to Grands Boulevards to cap off your trip.

Le Musee Gourmand du Chocolat

Choco-Story was opened in 2010 spanning three floors, and offers visitors a chocolate-making demonstration. It is one of the three museums of the same name run by a Belgian family. The first of such museums was launched in Bruges in 2004. After that, another branch opened four years later in Prague. If you go to the Parisian branch of the chocolate museum with your kids, you can even taste chocolate following the demonstration.

Musée de la Vie Romantique

For a city popularly known as the City of Love, the Museum of the Romantics at 16 Rue Chaptal is a must-visit, especially when in Paris on a romantic holiday. A private trip to this 19th Century mansion turn museum featuring a garden would transport you and your lover to the Parisian countryside of old times. The café in the garden here is an ideal spot to have conversations over a cup of tea or lunch, with the drawings of Ingres and Delacroix to entertain visitors.

Musée Grévin

This wax museum found in 1882 features a setting filled with nods to the French history. One of its many attractions is the light and sound show namely ‘Palais des Mirages’, which the museum bought several years after its founding. In the 2000’s, the museum was renovated. If you tour there anytime soon, you will come across close to three hundred statues from the times of Napoleon Bonaparte to Edith Piaf the French singer.

Once you are done with visiting the main areas of interest nearby Grands Boulevards, also pay a visit to Parc Monceau. The atmosphere of the public park with a themed garden and statues will allow you to immerse with the lifestyle in Paris.