Things you Didn’t Know about the Eiffel Tower

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Eiffel Tower Facts

When we think of Paris, Eiffel Tower will be the first thing that comes to our mind. However, how many of us know that the Eiffel Tower was originally planned to be a temporary structure? Of course, it has become one of the most recognized, enduring, and iconic structures of the world today, but there is a past to it too. Below are a few more things about the Eiffel Tower that you might not know.

It was Hated by the Architect of Palais Garnier

Many popular people in the Paris literary and art circles opposed the Eiffel Tower vehemently. This group also included the architect of Palais Garnier, Charles Garnier. A group even published a letter in Le Temps newspaper, which was addressed to the director of World Fair, Monsieur Alphand.

In the letter, they wrote “We come, we writers, painters, sculptors, architects, lovers of the beauty of Paris which was until now intact, to protest with all our strength and all our indignation, in the name of the underestimated taste of the French, in the name of French art and history under threat, against the erection in the very heart of our capital, of the useless and monstrous Eiffel Tower.”

It is Not the Tallest Structure in Paris

When the tower was inaugurated in 1889, it was about double the height of the previous tallest structure of the world. It is true that with a height of 986 feet, the structure still beats out many buildings in the city, but in France, the tower is beaten out by many radio masts and put the structure in the ninth spot in the list of tallest structures in France.

It was Originally Red

When the tower was opened, it was painted reddish brown in color. However, the tower has been repainted about eighteen times and was even painted yellow once. The structure is now painted in iconic bronze color, which is officially called as the “Eiffel Tower Brown” color. It takes sixty tons of paint and more than a year to paint the complete structure.

It was Supposed to Be in Barcelona

Gustave Eiffel, who is the architect of the Eiffel Tower, originally pitched his idea of the tower to the Spanish and hoped to get the tower built for the Universal Expo in 1888. The Spanish turned down the idea of the tower telling that it was “too expensive and strange.”