Places to Eat near the Louvre

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Most tourists who visit Paris spend a good deal of their time there on Louvre tours. One of the most famous museums in the world, it is situated in the middle of the city. On your first visit to Paris, you would no doubt want to check out the artistic and cultural wonders this place holds and preserves.

At the end of that, you are bound to be hungry just the way any normal person would be. Following are some of the best places to eat and drink around the Louvre.

Claus Paris

An establishment that serves as an all-day-breakfast hotspot, Claus Paris is run by German expat Claus Estermann. The place serves lunch and tea as well, and brunch on the weekends. You need to call ahead for a table at this trendy café located close to Palais-Royal. Plenty of healthy options are on offer, so health buffs need not avoid this eatery after seeing someone indulge in their rich Bavarian pancake.


Located behind the Museum of Decorative Arts and situated in the centre of Palais du Louvre, this restaurant has an outdoor terrace of 2,000 square feet, as well as Franco-Italian interiors done by Joseph Dirand. The kitchen stays open from noon till night, every day of the week, and serves drinks, lunch, tea, and dinner. Their most renowned fare includes warm octopus salad, raw artichokes served beside Parmesan, homemade tagliatelle, and tiramisu with espresso.


Crudus’s website is misleadingly Spartan, but the establishment itself is an all-organic Italian eatery that focuses on vegetables and fish. They serve lunch and dinner on weekdays. Also worth checking out is Cibus, which is just a few minutes from Crudus.

La Bourse et La Vie

Run by Daniel Rose and wife Marie-Aude Mery, this upscale French bistro offers such superb delicacies as gougères (cheese puffs), steak-frites, foie gras, leeks vinaigrette, and chocolate mousse. It is a tiny space they have there, so you best make reservations before heading in.


An eatery run by owners of the world-famous Verjus Restaurant, Ellsworth delivers such fares as almond hummus served with lemon and Padrón peppers, buttermilk fried chicken, and duck confit hash served alongside egg and scallion. They have one of the best Sunday brunches in town.


This comprises Kunitoraya Bistro and Kunitoraya 2. The former is a walk-in noodle bar that serves great lunch, with fares like rice bowls, udon noodles, and small sides. Kunitoraya 2 is more upscale, and is famous for its wonderful tasting menus.