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The neighborhood in Montmartre is filled with plenty of art lovers, romantics, and nonconformists. Sacré-Cœur compliments the culture perfectly. The basilica can be seen from other landmark spots in Paris such as Arc de Triomphe. It also encapsulates the cityscapes in broad daylight something that you should catch when on a Paris private tour to Montmartre. It is for good reason the tallest hill in the city of lights features a Roman Catholic Church that stood tall since the pagan times, the middle ages, and all the way through the French Revolution. It is a popular cultural hub in Paris city.

In and around the neighborhood are cobblestone streets, alleyways, buildings, and public parks that include the Sacré-Cœur Park. Montmartre offers you exciting things to do that you may not want to miss when you are exploring the neighborhood with a Paris tour guide. Below is an itinerary full of to-do things which you may want to include to your visit to Montmartre.

Scaling the Steps of Sacré-Coeur

It is quite possible that you will arrive at the basilica’s foothills only to be welcomed by street performers, art lovers, and street sellers. Performers will offer you friendship bands while insisting you to pay for that in a friendly tourist gesture. Besides, you will also get an opportunity to photograph on the green pastures of the basilica with your loved one alongside the crowds. You may even want to take snaps alongside strangers, as it will help you to explore and learn more about the Parisian culture.

The Perfect Sunset View of Paris

If you come to Sacré-Coeur at sunset, what you can have on the cards is a picture postcard view of the Parisian cityscapes. The city of lights spans in all its panoramic glory at the entrance steps of the basilica. You will recognize most of the landmarks even in one glance including the Eiffel, Notre Dame, and Triomphe but hang around until the lights come on in Paris. The scenery will be captivating and may even make you fall in love once again with Paris when on tour.

If you do love the city of lights, you can have one more pleasure to take back home as memories. The quaint shops surrounding the Montmartre are also worth the visit.