Free and Offbeat Things to Do in Paris

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Tourist Attractions In Paris

Paris city will be the dream destination of most people because of its ultimate charm and ambiance. However, most people may hesitate to visit the city because of the high expenses associated with it. Little do they know, there are plenty of free attractions in the French capital that are sure to amaze each and every traveler. So, plan a trip to Paris on a budget and get amazed by the enchanting beauty of the city. One of the best ways to make your trip cost effective is by steering away from the clich├ęd and predictable attractions in the city.

The mainstream highlights in Paris such as an Eiffel Tower tour, Louvre tours, Notre Dame Cathedral visit, etc., will be expensive. Moreover, you can expect a tourist pandemonium in all these places. If you prefer to enjoy some peaceful time appreciating the true culture of the French capital, explore the offbeat places here. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the free and offbeat things to do and see in Paris.

Galeries Lafayette

This is one of the best shopping centers in the city of lights. There will be hardly anything, which you will not find here. To add to this, you can shop for things at different price range depending on your budget. Furthermore, there are three more attractions here. First, enjoy a spectacular view of the stained glass architecture that is sure to give you a clear picture of the Art Nouveau style. Secondly, enjoy the weekly fashion show that will be held on the seventh floor of the building, every week. You can also climb up the stairs and go to the top floor in order to enjoy a panoramic view of the Paris city under your feet.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Paris is known for its natural beauty and Jardin du Luxembourg is one of the prominent icons when it comes to the natural beauty of the city. This was actually created in 1958 under the reign of Queen Marie de Medici in order to enhance the beauty of her newly built mansion, Palais du Luxembourg. The garden is beautified with colorful and fragrant blooms, tree-lined walkways, grass lawns, flowerbeds, and fountains with intricate detailing. There are many affordable street shops in this area; relishing your favorite food enjoying this amazing spectacle is sure to make your trip an ever-memorable one.

Louvre in the Night

People usually visit the famous Louvre museum in the daytime. This can be really hectic because there will be a number of tourists competing to get a glimpse of their favorite artwork here. In order to avoid this, visit the museum at night; you can take your own time to contemplate on your favorite artworks. In addition, enjoy the indefinable beauty of the glass pyramids in the Louvre sparkling under the moonlight. Note that entry to Louvre museum is free during certain days of the month; inquire about this to your tour guide and plan your Louvre tours accordingly.