Exploring the Parisian Cityscapes in a Hot Air Balloon

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Parc André Citroën, found in 1992 in the 15th arrondissement of Paris and nearby Tour Montparnasse skyscraper, is a perfect spot for picnicking with friends and family. This park, situated in what was once the site of Citroën factory, offers an array of activities that excites sightseers of all ages.

The landscaped gardens of Parc André Citroën still have an industrial appeal, with fountains in its surroundings. Many of its attractions include recreational areas for kids, Ping-Pong tables, toboggans, and a hot air balloon that can fly up to an altitude of 150 meters or 500 feet. The ‘Ballon Generali,’ offers a ride with skyline views of the Parisian cityscapes, including views of the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine.

Each year, thousands of passengers including kids and adults board the hot air balloon at Parc André Citroën to get panoramic views of tourist attractions in Paris City. Alongside scaling the rooftops of skyscrapers like the Eiffel and the Tour Montparnasse nearby, the hot air balloon ride is worth exploring when on overhead Paris sightseeing tours. The Ballon Generali expands sightseeing options from up high, much like a helicopter ride in Paris. The tethered helium balloon ride tends to last around ten minutes on an approximate.

In fact, the tethered helium balloon titled ‘Ballon de Paris,’ is the product of a partnership between Aérophile and Generali France. The insurance company sponsors the Ballon Generali, which can fly up to 300 meters in altitude and is primarily meant as a scientific measurement tool to measure the air quality of Paris City.

Note that Ballon de Paris has been put to revisions and is set to ‘reinflate’ in March or April this year, after the revisions. It’s often billed as the world’s biggest hot air balloon that offers rides as per the persisting weather conditions. If you want to take a ride to enjoy overhead views of the City of Light in the hot air balloon at Parc André Citroën anytime soon, take note of the flight schedule.

Note that the price of riding in Ballon de Paris is twelve Euros for adults, six Euros for kids in between three to eleven years of age, and free of cost for kids below three. Explore Paris like never before when onboard the Ballon Generali.