An Ultimate Guide to Planning Paris Tours in July

Paris Tour Guide
Paris Tour Guide

Tourist Attractions In Paris

Paris is one of the perfect summer destinations where you can celebrate and enjoy the season to the core. The city hosts numerous activities and events at this time that are sure to amaze each and every visitor. However, you must also expect tourist mayhem in the city during summer.

Almost every top-rated attraction here such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, etc. will be flocked with tourists. So, if you are planning a Paris trip in order to spend your summer holidays, you must be well prepared to tackle all these barriers and to make the best out of it. Else, you can wait until winter in order to see Paris from a local viewpoint or to steer away from peak season.

Note that if you really want to see that amazing picture postcard appeal of the French capital, July is the best month for your Paris tours. Below are a few things to consider when planning Paris tours in July, when the summer is in full swing.

Why Visit the French Capital in July

July is the time when most of the Parisians dump the indoors activities and move to the burnishing outdoors. Doing anything in Paris during the summer is fun, be it strolling along the Seine boardwalks, roaming around the streets, picnicking in public parks, or anything. This is because of the totally different ambiance of the city in the summertime.

Another main advantage of exploring the French capital in July is the best shopping deals the city offer. That is, you can shop almost everything such as antiques, apparels, books, furniture, etc., at cheap rates at this time of the year. Apart from this, these sunny days will be ideal for you to take a Seine River cruise, so that you can enjoy the cool breeze at its best.

July Highlights

One of the main highlights that you can enjoy in Paris city during the month of July is the Bastille Day, which is on July 14. This is a good deal for all the travelers who love fireworks, as you get to see some of the top-class and incredible fireworks on this day.

Tour de France Bike Race is another summer attraction that is scheduled in July, and it is a perfect treat for all the adventure lovers. You can also go and watch an open-air cinema for free at the La Villette park from July 19 onward.

What to Pack

The average temperature in Paris during the month of July will be around 66 degrees F. However, major heat waves have struck July in past few years. If so, the temperature can spike up to 90 degree F. Hence, you must be alert and prepared for the possible temperature hikes.

It is recommended to pack hats, sunglasses, and other sun gears, as well as a good pair of walking shoes, and breathable clothes when you plan a tour to Paris in July. Get in touch with your Paris tours guide for more details.