A Walk to Remember through the Jardin Du Luxembourg Gardens

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Tourist Attractions In Paris

There will be hardly anyone, who is not hypnotized by the enchanting beauty of the French capital. The natural beauty, cityscapes, amazing sculptures, skyscrapers, and all, in Paris are really out of this world. Undoubtedly, Paris city will be one of the dream destinations for almost every passionate traveler. The ambiance of the city is also unique; indeed, you cannot resist yourselves from falling in love at this city.

Paris is one of the preferable honeymoon destinations as well. There are numerous romantic attractions in the city such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum, Notre Dame, Montmartre, Montparnasse, etc., which are more than enough to justify that. In fact, almost every traveler will include a private Louvre Museum tour and Eiffel Tower tour in his or her itinerary. However, there are many other beautiful places in the city as well, which are equally enchanting as the most visited attractions. One of such beautiful places in the city that you may choose for a romantic day out is the Jardin Du Luxembourg.

Jardin Du Luxembourg

Jardin Du Luxembourg is one of the famous gardens in the city of lights. It is situated in between the border of the Latin Quarter and Saint-Germain-des-Pres. This beautiful garden was a project established in 1612 under Queen Marie de Medici. Nothing can beat the enjoyment of strolling through this age-old garden in the French capital, especially during late evenings. However, if the purpose of your visit is to click some enviable photos, it is better to reach here early.

Things to See

The garden spans around 25 hectares of land and is divided into two; French garden and English garden. At the border of these picturesque plots, you can also see a large pond as well as a geometric forest. This, in fact, raises the overall ambiance of the garden to the next level.

Other than this, you can also see many greenhouses with a wide range of orchid varieties, an apiary where you can learn about beekeeping, see an orchard with a number of apple varieties, and explore a spectacular rose garden. In short, Jardin Du Luxembourg is one of the best eye-popping sights to behold in the French capital.

Apart from plants and flowers, the garden also exhibits around 106 statues that you can see in almost every nook and cranny of the garden. Additionally, the Orangerie and the Pavillon Davioud, and he monumental Medici fountain is also located in Jardin Du Luxembourg.


There are a number of activities and events conducted in the Luxembourg Garden for both kids and adults. Some of the activities include puppet shows, slides, rides, chess games, remote control or bridge boats, etc. Note that although the garden will be open to the public from 07:30 am to 09:30 pm on all days, the opening times may vary according to the season.