Communist Currencies Exhibition at the British Museum

August 19, 2017 Staff 0

In simple words, communist currencies are banknotes, which shows enthusiastic soldiers, committed intellectuals, cheerful farm workers, railways, lorries, dams, fields, factories, and even guns. These aesthetically pleasing historic currency notes will be exhibited at the famous British Museum of London shortly. The 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution will be […]

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3 Famous Passages in Paris

Many tourists who are going on their first Paris tours often get fed up and irritated with the crowded museums and other famous boulevards in the city of Paris. If you are a person who plans to stay away from the crowded and popular attractions of the city in your […]

Experiencing the British Museum to its Fullest

With an annual visitor turnout of 6 million, the British Museum remains one of the most visited attractions in London. The incredible collections of artifacts from the ancient and modern periods housed in the museum make it the highly favored place in London guided tour programs. The free admission charge […]

Fascinating Facts about Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is renowned as the largest and notable Gothic church in London. Located near the Westminster Palace, the church has become one of the most important places in London for hosting events of the royal family such as coronations, weddings, and funerals. Besides that, Westminster Abbey is one of […]

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3 Things to Do in Paris in July

The city of Paris gets switched to its vacation atmosphere in the month of July. You will be able to see a number of Parisians strolling through the banks of the River Seine with their kids in July. This means that Paris will be a little bit crowded in the […]